Open Access Colonoscopy

The Open Access Program allows healthy, age-appropriate patients (those with no significant gastrointestinal symptoms) to have a colonoscopy performed without having to schedule a preop office visit. Of course, not all patients will be able to safely undergo colonoscopy without a more detailed evaluation of their health history and their risks for the procedure. If that is the case for you, please call our offices and we will schedule an appointment so the physician can review your medical history, assess your current condition and determine how to best meet your health needs.

What are the Open Access candidate qualifications?

  • Patients with strong family history of colon cancer.
  • Patients age of 45 and up

What are the Pros of the Open Access Program?

  • Receiving a potentially life-saving procedure and skipping the inconvenience of an initial office visit, therefore saving time and a co-pay.
  • For referring clinicians, this program encourages undecided patients to go ahead and schedule the procedure

Please complete the following online questions or print and email: We will contact within one to two business day